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Safari Kid, founded in the Silicon Valley, offers one of the best preschool and kindergarten programs for children.

With humble beginnings in Silicon Valley in 2005, we now have more than 1500 children in our centers, with locations in the United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Safari Kid's early childhood education programs are customized for the learning curve of each child and develop critical cognitive, social, emotional, physical, creative and reasoning skills in children below the age of seven years. Safari Kids are generally one or two grade levels ahead of their peers when they enter primary school, and stand out as leaders and problem solvers in any group.

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Positive Parenting Tips: Saying "No" to "No"!

Would you be surprised or astonished to hear that the average toddler hears the word ‘No!’ 400 times in any one typical day, according to experts? Is it any wonder that this is often one of the fi...

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The First Five Years

More research is pointing to the importance of the first five years. In particular, the role of brain 'plasticity' in the early years. Essentially what research says is that the brain is at its most ...

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