Our Premises

The first Safari Kid in Dubai, our flagship premises, is located in 15,000 square feet of customised villa premises behind the Four Points Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is in close proximity to Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, DIFC, Jumeirah and City Walk. 5 minutes away from the urban hub of Dubai, our specially designed premises offers children the ability to fully express themselves in both an indoor and outdoor environment.

Facilities include a huge outdoor play area, swimming pool, an art studio, sand pit, and hand selected play equipment. There is a large indoor play area for physical and motor skills development when it's too hot to play outside. Safari Kid Dubai also features a purpose built Creative Lab, where children explore dance, drama, music and free role play. The design of the school and the classrooms is intended to excite the imagination of the children, and provide a stimulating learning environment. The learning environment encompasses reading corners in every classroom, specific areas for role play, sensory development and skills development, creative spaces and science and tech corners. Our spacious classrooms are fully equipped with the range of state of the art toys and play equipment that facilitate the development and education of our young charges.

Our facilities for our youngest children (4 months to 18 months) elevate care-giving to the next level with a purpose built Baby Room and play areas where specific developmental toys and resources are employed for enhanced development at this tender young age. This also includes the award winning Dream Coracles from Community Playthings.

Safari Kid partners the parents in the developmental journey of your child. Our premises include a parents' lounge for informal interactions between parents and the school, to get to know the other parents, or just to relax while your chil

A Safari Kid student playing with blue color shaving foam with his teacher
A Safari Kid student playing with blue color shaving foam with his teacher

Our Principles

Every child is unique and has a different learning curve. We customize our curriculum to fit their individual needs.

The first five years of a child’s life lay the foundation for the years ahead. The human brain is at its most malleable then, and skills learned and developed in these years enable further learning. At the same time, areas of the brain not stimulated in this period can lose the ability to make new connections. The principles on which our program is founded are:

  1. Customization Each child is unique, has their own needs, and develops at a different pace to others. An effective program must be customized to the development curve of each child
  2. Curriculum A strong foundation is the scaffolding for the future. The most effective early childhood education is a combination of play based, explorative learning and a structured, directed approach, in an environment that is fully supportive of the needs of the individual child
  3. Care Children have an immense capacity for learning, imagination, creativity and self-expression. With care and nourishment, in the right learning environment combined with the right teaching methods, core cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative abilities of children develop, accelerate and strengthen
  4. Communication Parents are partners with Safari Kid in the early childhood journey of their children. Effective and constant communication with parents is key to the overall development of the child.
Kids dressed in blue color caps and gowns on the stage & celebrating graduation & Annual Day at Safari Kid Nursery Dubai
Kids dressed in blue color caps and gowns on the stage & celebrating graduation & Annual Day at Safari Kid Nursery Dubai

The Safari Kid Way

At Safari Kid we aim for the all-around development of every child. Our program is designed to accomplish specific developmental goals.

Cognitive Abilities

Our structured approach to educating each child develops and enhances memory, problem solving, logical thinking, math and reading skills, laying a sound foundation for future academic achievement.

Language and Communication

Our program stresses the acquisition and development of language skills (written and spoken) at a pace that each child is comfortable with. Through a variety of methods, we enable children to develop strong communication skills, enabling them to interact appropriately with adults and peers.

Leadership Skills

The exploration method used in the classroom, and our strong focus on public speaking, as well as tasks assigned to each child for various learning activities, empower the children and instill leadership qualities.

Imagination and Creativity

Imagination and creativity are enhanced and developed, with effective use of stories, art and craft exercises, projects, self-directed storytelling and learning, role play and several other techniques.

Social and Emotional Development

A fun, healthy, safe and nurturing environment is critical for the development of the child. At Safari Kid, we go to great lengths to create the conditions that allow for healthy social and emotional development.

Motor Skills

The early years are critical for the development of the child’s fine and gross motor skills. Through play, self-directed learning, motor skill enhancing toys and activities, we develop and hone these skills.

A teacher is reading story to a group of Safari Kid International students
A teacher is reading story to a group of Safari Kid International students

Our Methods

Our unique curriculum has been developed and perfected in Silicon Valley over the past ten years

In order to achieve the developmental goals for each child we have devised a unique method that fuses the learning from several leading international methods of early childhood education with our own proprietary program.

  1. Our accelerated learning program, developed over ten years in Silicon Valley, focuses on the cognitive, language, and communication skill development of the child. The program incorporates math, science, language (reading and writing), public speaking and communication skills.
  2. Our emergent curriculum takes best practices from Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf (Steiner), and Montessori teaching methods to foster creativity and imagination, personal, emotional and social development, skills in the creative arts and gross and fine motor skills in each child. This ensures that children pursue their interests. They are guided by their teachers while at the same time developing their imagination through creative play, aided and unaided story time and a variety of other methods.
  3. Safari Kid customizes the program to the learning capacity of each child. Customization of learning is achieved not only through our high teacher to student ratio, but is embedded in the program through our unique curriculum and lessons. In essence, children learn in stages and advance only once they’ve mastered the previous stage, with each stage of learning serving as a base for the next.

The three pillars of our program ensure that we meet all of our developmental objectives in a fun, caring, nurturing environment, and at a pace that every child is individually comfortable with. Our experience has shown us that academically children attending Safari Kid tend to be at least one grade ahead of their peers in primary school. Our students stand out as natural leaders in a group and are able to communicate effectively with peers and elders. Safari Kids are more creative problem solvers who demonstrate more imagination and creativity than their peers.

Collage of Safari Kid students from different parts of world & doing different activities
Collage of Safari Kid students from different parts of world & doing different activities

Languages at Safari Kid

We offer intensive instruction in second and third languages, on par with our English program

At Safari Kid, we incorporate teaching in the local language of the region for all children at an early stage (Arabic in our Middle East centres, Bahasa in Malaysia, and Chinese in Hong Kong). All our centers in Asia and the Middle East also offer intensive Mandarin as an option to students, and our centers in the Middle East offer French, in addition to Arabic. We will be bringing further languages to our program in all locations, too.

Our main, English program, speeds up reading, writing and communication skills in children from the beginning. By the age of three, most children at Safari Kid schools can read three letter words. By the age of five, it is not uncommon for Safari Kids to be writing one-page stories; and our curriculum at that level incorporates reading comprehension, too!

We follow the same principles as our main programs for other languages that are taught in our centers. Our Mandarin program, for example, has students learning to read and write in Chinese (traditional in Hong Kong, simplified elsewhere, and pinyin everywhere) from the time they enter Level One (around 2.5 years). This ensures that students attending Safari Kid anywhere are ready for both local and international school systems and excel in comparison to their peers.

Watch the video to see our Mandarin program in action at Safari Kid Hong Kong!

What Our Parents Are Saying

The most important feedback is the one we get from our parents. We're happy that it's so positive!

Watch the video to hear some of our Hong Kong parents talk about Safari Kid...

... and another one with some of our parents in Kuala Lumpur!

And a selection of some more comments that we've received...

"The thing I like most about Safari Kid is all the special care and attention that the Safari Kid team provided to (our son) is greatly appreciated. You helped both (my son) and me to go through a challenging event in his life."

"My little boy, Henry loves Safari Kid. He goes to the Pokfulam preschool. He has come on so much since he started. When he first joined the school he was still developing his words within no time at all he was talking and his behavior improved massively. He loves getting on the school bus each morning!"

"(My child) absolutely loves it! He's singing songs he has learnt in English and Mandarin. He tells me he likes all of his teachers and he talks about what they've done that day. He enjoys it so much. You guys are doing something right :)”

“We are very happy about Safari Kid, Sofia is always excited to go and loves her teachers - we have been really impressed by the progress that she made in english and mandarin. We are grateful for the fantastic work you are doing with her”

"Alex has started speaking words and singing in both English and Chinese. When we send him to school he gets very excited. We like the set up it keeps him excited and motivated”

"it has amazing facilities. I think the teachers are amazing, I have had the pleasure to meet almost everybody and I can see their passion. I can see that they are really enjoying spending time with children”

The People

Our Team

Recruitment and Training

High quality early care and education supports children’s school readiness and continues to support their performance in school. Teacher professional preparation is a crucial component of high quality care. We recruit from a global pool of talented teachers with specialized training in early childhood education. Based on research linking teacher qualifications, program quality, and positive child outcomes, we at Safari Kid hire the best teachers in the industry, with an emphasis on phonics and pronunciation. Our second and third language teachers are usually native speakers.

All teachers undergo at least 120 hours of training before they teach a class, and training is ongoing throughout the year. At Safari Kid, we also help our teachers achieve further professional accreditation should they choose to, and place significant emphasis on our staff's professional development. This reflects back directly on the quality of the teaching and the passion and energy that our teachers bring to the schools.