Sleeping room with Dream Coracle & motor skills development play area at SafariKid Child Care & Nurs

Our Premises

Our first Child Care centre in Hong Kong is located in customised premises in Happy Valley

The small, cozy premises are intended to excite the imagination of the children attending, and provide a stimulating learning environment. With a small capacity of only 12 children at any point in time with a teacher:student ratio of 1:3, and all the resources, equipment and learning aids imported from the UK, the centre is designed to provide individualised attention and care to each child. The picture above is our room for infants in Dubai. The Happy Valley centre will be similar, but not exactly the same.

The school also has a small out door wet area for sand and water play and gardening.

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Nursery girl finishing a snack with the help of her teacher at Safari Kid Happy Valley
Nursery girl finishing a snack with the help of her teacher at Safari Kid Happy Valley


High quality care is the core of Safari Kid's offering across all our centres. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that children are brought up in a safe, secure, warm and stimulating environment.

  1. Health and Safety Our learning environments are specially designed to ensure the health and safety of children are not compromised. We use non-toxic materials and paint for all our resources and surfaces, ergonomically designed furniture and equipment to minimise accidents, and air purification systems to ensure clean air circulation. In addition, all our staff are first aid qualified and we are fully equipped with a medical kit should anything go wrong.
  2. Staff Ratios We operate with best in class ratios across all our programs. For infants (under 2 years of age), our staff / student ratios are 1:3. This ensures that each child is given individualised attention.
  3. Quality resources Almost all of our resources and learning aids, including the furniture are specially curated from the best suppliers in the world, typically from the UK. This ensures that children in our care are exposed to the most effective, ergonomic and high quality equipment anywhere.
  4. Training Our staff undergo 120 hours of training (in addition to their previous experience) before taking care of the children. In addition, training is ongoing, every week of the year. This ensures that the children receive the best teaching and care possible at all times.
A toddler engaged in free play to develop motor skills at Safari Kid Happy Valley
A toddler engaged in free play to develop motor skills at Safari Kid Happy Valley


Every child is unique and has a different learning curve. We customize our programs to fit their individual needs.

  1. Our curriculum incorporates best practices from the Reggio, Montessori and Waldorf Steiner methods, in combination with our own proprietary program inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner's theories of multiple intelligences. Our teachers are trained to use the learning methodologies best suited for each individual child to ensure development across our twelve development areas from a very early stage.
  2. Feeding times, nap times, play time and learning time in our programs for infants and toddlers are structured around the needs and habits of the individual. This ensures a seamless transition from school to home.
  3. We work with each family to ensure that the areas of development that the family wishes to focus on are given priority in the child's individualised learning plan; and we work with you on placements to full schools (international and local), advising on school placements, helping with applications and preparing your child for assessments, interviews and the transition.
A Safari Kid Happy Valley toddler looking at the book
A Safari Kid Happy Valley toddler looking at the book


Our unique Early Years Program has been developed and perfected in Silicon Valley over the past ten years

In order to achieve the developmental goals for each child we have devised a unique method that fuses the learning from several leading international methods of early childhood education with our own proprietary program inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner's theories of multiple intelligences.

  1. Our accelerated learning program, developed over ten years in Silicon Valley, focuses on four fundamental development areas (cognition, language and communication, physical development, creativity and imagination and personal social and emotional development), which further inform eight specific development areas including reading, writing, math, logic, public speaking and art. Each development area has it's own levelled curriculum and children move from one level to the next as soon as they're able to.
  2. Our emergent curriculum takes best practices from Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf (Steiner), Montessori and Eastern teaching methods to inform our four learning pathways - interactive learning, creating and thinking critically, playing and exploring and repetition and reinforcement. Children learn through the pathway that most interests them and suits their personality, to ensure a lifelong love for learning.
  3. Safari Kid customizes the program to the learning capacity of each child. Customization of learning is achieved not only through our high teacher to student ratio, but is embedded in the program through the structure of our programs and our teaching methodologies. In essence, children learn in stages and advance only once they’ve mastered the previous stage, with each stage of learning serving as a base for the next.

Our program focuses on all relevant development areas for the child from the age of six month onwards.

The three pillars of our program ensure that we meet all of our developmental goals in a fun, caring, nurturing environment, and at a pace that every child is individually comfortable with. Our experience has shown us that academically children attending Safari Kid tend to be at least one grade ahead of their peers in primary school. Our students stand out as natural leaders in a group and are able to communicate effectively with peers and elders. Safari Kids are more creative problem solvers who demonstrate more imagination and creativity than their peers.

Early Years Program (EYP) of Safari Kid Happy Valley
Early Years Program (EYP) of Safari Kid Happy Valley


Effective and consistent communication with parents is a cornerstone of our offering worldwide. Communication is ongoing, and geared towards meeting our parents' needs at all points in time.

  1. The Safari Kid Parents App ensures that the school is at your fingertips, all the time. Communication with the teacher, the school, photos, assessment forms, records and events are all synced to your smartphone and available on the Safari Kid Parents App.Any notification from the school will pop up as an alert on your phone. Of course, we will use the communication channel most comfortable for you (just let us know!).
  2. Daily emails and updates in the first week of your child's time at Safari Kid, with the frequency dropping to once a week for a personalised update.
  3. Objective setting upon enrolment and then on a consistent basis - we want you to know (and to tell us) the developmental goals for your child!
  4. School placement help as they get older - we will work with you on school applications, school selection and preparing for assessments and interviews. We also regularly host seminars on school placements at our locations.
  5. Feeds, naps, potty training and other aspects of bringing up the really young ones are worked on hand in hand with you.
Baby getting ready for nap time at the Safari Kid Happy Valley Nursery
Baby getting ready for nap time at the Safari Kid Happy Valley Nursery

The People

Our Team

Recruitment and Training

High quality early care and education supports children’s school readiness and continues to support their performance in school. Teacher professional preparation is a crucial component of high quality care. We recruit from a global pool of talented teachers with specialized training in early childhood education. Based on research linking teacher qualifications, program quality, and positive child outcomes, we at Safari Kid hire the best teachers in the industry, with an emphasis on phonics and pronunciation. Our second and third language teachers are usually native speakers.

All teachers undergo at least 120 hours of training before they teach a class, and training is ongoing throughout the year. At Safari Kid, we also help our teachers achieve further professional accreditation should they choose to, and place significant emphasis on our staff's professional development. This reflects back directly on the quality of the teaching and the passion and energy that our teachers bring to the schools.