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Early Explorers

1 year to 2.5 years

More than just Daycare

Our Early Explorers program develops core cognitive, social and emotional and physical (fine and gross motor) skills. With a teacher: student ratio of 1:3, you can ensure your child is getting the very best in care, attention, and development.

Comprehensive Development

For younger children (less than 15 months, children go through a structured program of play and exploration, circle time and supervised creative play for an hour every day (two hours for the full day program), in addition to being attended full time by our highly qualified and trained teachers. For older children (greater than 15 months), the structured program lasts for 2 hours every day (4 hours for the full day program). Children are stimulated with interactive learning, songs, poems, creative play and circle time.

Sensory development is ensured by a variety of play-based activities including sand and water play, art using different materials and textures and so on. Children are also introduced to the basic concepts of phonics, numbers, shapes, colors, beginning sounds, reading, speech development, math and much more, all at a developmentally appropriate level for the individual.

For a flavour of the program for the younger children and to get an idea of some of the activities, please watch the video below.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

These classes are also a great way to introduce little ones to other children in a supervised setting. This form of interaction can encourage creativity, enhance cognitive and social growth and develop gross and fine motor skills.The resources for the Early Explorers room are carefully selected and thought out, to ensure that children develop critical skills and abilities across all our areas of development. Children interact and develop relationships with their peers and adults in a safe, supervised setting.


English is our principal language of communication and instruction. However, our staff is adept at English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Children will begin to learn Mandarin at an early age with our programs, with dedicated Mandarin time during each day. However, given the small class size and large number of staff, if you have specific language requirements, please do let us know and we will ensure that your child is communicated to in the language(s) you prefer.


Detailed assessment reports are produced every term (though assessment is ongoing) across all the twelve development areas that we focus on.

Pastoral Care

We work hand in hand with parents on feed times, nap times, toilet training, medications and other aspects of bringing up a child. The staff will have a detailed discussion with you upon enrolment to ensure that the nursery understands each child and parent's requirement. We are very happy to inform parents that our nursery will be featuring the award-winning Dream Coracles from Community Playthings for children to sleep in! Parents are encouraged to watch the video below to see how these beds encourage children to put themselves to sleep and foster independence.