Ms Laura Southwood

"I think the biggest difference I found with Safari Kid was the communication of what was going on in the classroom with the parent" Watch the video to hear Ms Southwood talk about her experience at Safari Kid Hong Kong

Ms Marhartya Skotnytska

"The development came to her after a year with Safari Kid" Watch the video to hear Ms Skotnytska talk about how her daughter picked up language and communication skills in English in a matter of weeks!

Ms Denise Shiu

""I really like the teachers here because they pay personal attention to him, unlike other schools they just usually follow the routine. They know him. So I feel very happy about that!”

Ms Renate Harris

"What I like about Safari Kid is the balance between formal communication and informal communication. I like the (Safari Kid) App I love being able to get instant messages and also look at photos of children, keeps me in touch with whats going on. Communication has been excellent."

Simona Sutkauskiene

Our son Adomas was so excited about the nursery that he would ask for "Safari" in the evening after we would come back from work! This could only mean one thing-he really loved it there. The staff is so warm, loving and caring. I felt completely safe leaving my son there. The teachers make sure the kids reach their milestones easily and cheer together. We are very happy with the results we see in our son.

Lisel Varley

I am beyond grateful for this fantastic opportunity for my son to attend nursery 'just like he would back home'. We have observed great progress in our high energy, never stopping, and super charged toddler. His communication skills and attention has improved. I love his sensory exposure and the social awareness he's developed, particularly of other kids his age. I am so pleased with the consistency of care and the overall manner in which he is channeled in a play based nurturing environment