Safari Summer Adventure!

Around the world in six weeks with our themed summer camps for 6m-7y! Check out the details!

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New! Enrichment Programs Starting August 2015!

Dance, Speech and Drama, Mandarin, Phonics, Early Reading, Robotics, Art and more! For children 6m-7y!

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What Our Parents Are Saying

The most relevant feedback is from our parents... hear them talk about Safari Kid

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Safari Kid 創立於美國矽谷,目的為孩子提供最優質的學前教育和幼稚園教育。

2005 年,我們在美國矽谷蹣跚起步,現在我們的教學中心每年入讀兒童數量已超過1500名。我們在美國、加拿大、印度、香港、馬來西亞均設有教學點。Safari Kid根據每位兒童的學習曲線,度身訂造早期教育課程,同時注重培訓7歲以下兒童的認知、社交、情感、運動、創造及推理技能。Safari Kid 的孩子在進入小學時,通常會比同齡小孩的水平高出1至2個年級,在任何環境中都能成為傑出的領袖和問題解決高手。


Locations (Hong Kong)

Safari Kid International Nursery - Happy Valley

Our first daycare center in Hong Kong is located in customized premises in Happy Valley. Subject to approval from the Social Welfare Department, the centre is slated to open in September 2016. Please visit the website for more details.

16 Min Fat Street , Happy Valley , Hong Kong.

Tel: +852 2177 0001


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Seminar on International Schools

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Open House and Trial Classes

Saturday, Oct 10th, 10am-1pm

Trial Classes and Activities. Click to Book


Two students of various age giving friendship hug

The First Five Years

More research is pointing to the importance of the first five years. In particular, the role of brain 'plasticity' in the early years. Essentially what research says is that the brain is at its most ...

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