Playgroup toddlers playing with wooden toys at Safari Kid Hong Kong

Apple Daily, Hong Kong

Safari Kid, the international pre-school which received applause from the US government, has recently launched in Hong Kong to reform the mechanical learning and teaching strategies by its unique “Brian Train” method. Shy Mudakavi, founder of Safari Kid, thinks that education based on children’s age might not suit everyone. The best way to divide classes is with the actual capacity of children. For example, the Book System she has developed in Silicon Vally, US. Jared Dubbs, the regional manager of Safari Kid, showcased different levels of books to the press. These enlightening books are able to inspire the children learn by themselves without rote memorization. This method is called “Brain Train”. Children need to understand the essence, rather than the rote learning.

To create a space where children could be creative, an extra course called "wild imagination" is designed to train children’s reading and listening ability. Therefore, it can avoid to accumulated the pressure of children by attending so called “Chicken Essence Class for interview”

One of the student, Scarlett, is just 22 month, her father Que Dang thinks Safari Kid can “let’s kid be kid”. He is appreciated with the teaching method.