Preschool girl role playing at Safari Kid PokFuLam playground

Baby-Mo, Hong Kong

Adapted to each child’s capabilities using tailor made curriculum

Safari Kid owns more than 20 branches all over US and opened is first school in South East Asia with the opening of its Pokfulam preschool. It believes that every kid is unique and has its own learning curve. Therefore the school combines both standard and Montessori teaching practices, adapting to each child’s capabilities, not its age. Tapping into the child’s core cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative abilities. Safari Kid believes that every kid has unlimited learning potential, thus it introduces academics at a young age in a fun and engaging environment, helping the students to build confidence and satisfaction. The school also offers many after school activities including French and Maths classes, Drama with Faust, Music and Movement and Ballet etc.

Safari Kid is one of the only preschools in Hong Kong to offer optional full day programmes, where half the day is taught in English and the remaining half in Mandarin. Safari Kid communicates well with the parents, in addition to regular PTA meeting and release of newsletter, the school provides weekly report to update parents on their kid’s progress and forecast the learning timeline in the coming week so that parents can coordinate well.