Mukta Shrivastav

Quite glad that we found Safari Kid as our son, Neel's 1st preschool. So far its been a great experience for us as parents, its amazing how the teachers are focusing on challenges that Neel is facing right now and constantly devicing a customised and personalised plan to help him grow and overcome these issues.

Niriksha Mehta

Team Safai Kid has been very supportive and has made everyday learning fun. Nirvaan looks forward to coming to school which proves the great efforts put in by his teachers, staff and didis (Support Staff). I am glad to be a part of Safari Kid family. Thank you all for your effort, time and love and care towards the tiny ones.

Ketki Sitapati

Safari Kid is the best place for kids. My child is extremely happy, adjusted very quickly and looks forward to going to school.The teachers are extremely loving, caring and take personal interest unlike other schools. A lot of effort is taken by the school to celebrate Birthdays, and other events, the way they introduce new concepts to children is fun and makes them eager to learn. The support staff too is very efficient, clean and very attached to each child. I would like to thank all the teachers, support staff for giving Sahana such a fantastic start! I LOVE THIS PLACE AND THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART

Pravin Jain

Anaaya loves her school, teachers and misses school when at home. She has picked Spanish numbers and she teaches the same to all at home. She enjoys dance class the most. Teachers have done a good job, hope the school continues to take care. Thank you Teachers.

Anjali Shetty

Safari Kid is a great school, right from the moment you enter the warm smiles & welcomes make you feel you have chosen the right place. Raeya has grown so much here and its truly a pleasure to see her run into school and not look back at me to say bye, shows that the teachers and didi’s (Support Staff) are doing a fab job.

Shruti and Glenn

We would like to thank the entire Safari Kid team. Zoe has found a second home and she really looks forward to coming to school. We have observed significant development in her in just 3 months. She loves Miss Anchal and Didi (Support Staff) and keeps talking about them at home. Thank you Miss Anchal for working tirelessly to encourage her to enjoy messy activities and making her first Experience with school such a pleasant one.

Ms Jasmin

"They are not encouraging them to memorize anything I think it's more learn by play... the curriculum is designed in a very age appropriate manner which I don't think a lot of people understand because we have this whole mind set over here where things need to be mugged up and memorized and I think we need to get out of that box." Hear what Ms Jasmin Kerawala has to say about Safari Kid, Bandra!

Mr and Mrs Malani

"We also like the fact that there is daycare facility and it has really been a blessing for us!" Hear what Mr and Mrs Malani have to say about Safari Kid Mumbai (Bandra)