Safari kid Theatre Festival

Safari Kid Theatre Festival

Dansema,Europe's most beloved award wining artists for children performed at Safari Kid. From bouncing balls to colourful shapes and sizes,the artists took us on a journey through the development stages of a child ...

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Safari Kid Whitefield, Bangalore Students decorating flower rangoli with the help of Principal on th

Onam Celebration

Our Children celebrate this joyous occasion along with their teachers by decorating the rangoli's with flowers. ...

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Kindergarten Students with their class teacher celebrating Ganesh Puja with chocolate Ganesha at Saf

Ganesh Chaturthi

At Safari Kid Bengaluru, we wish to inculcate values in our children. Beginning our festive season with Ganesh Chaturthi we wish to encourage the Joy of Giving through an environment friendly act by donating chocolate mi ...

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Sapling Plantation Day

Sapling Plantation Day

Have a look at our little gardners equipped with their aprons and shovels ventured out on to our beautiful campus to plant saplings - ranging from different colour Hibiscuis to Nerium. ...

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A grand mother playing with her grand girly Baby at the sand pit at safari Kid whitefield bangalore

International Grandparents Day

The Grandparents dropped by to the Safari Kid Campus to spend time with their grandchildren. Fun activities were planned by the teachers which brought back a lot of memories for our grand parents ...

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Safari Kid- Christmas Celebrations

Safari Kid - Christmas Celebrations

The Joy of Christmas was celebrated at Safari Kid with our children dressed as reindeers and Santa's little helpers.Yes, Santa Clause did drop by to give the children a big surprise and a few treats. ...

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Different cuisines brought in by Safari Kid Students at the Whitefield, Bangalore centre.

Our World- Food Festival.

As a culmination to our theme Our World- the children brought in delicious cuisines prepared from India & all over the world.From the ever popular Masala Dosa,Dhokla and idli to a variety of Pizza,Pasta and noodles t ...

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Safari Kid International Preschool,Whitefield Bangalore

The Safari Kid Annual Day

The second Annual Day at Safari Kid Bangalore took us on a musical journey across the globe in a celebration of music and dance from all over the world. ...

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Safari Kid Whitefield Bangalore - Diwali Mela

Safari Kid - Diwali Mela

 A fun morning filled with games, food stalls and Diwali products made by our parents and staff to celebrate the upcoming Diwali season. ...

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