Best International Nursery Borivali (Mumbai)

Our Premises

Join us for the opening of Safari Kid International Preschool in Borivali! Located at Bhattad Towers, accessible from Western Expressway as well as SV Road. 

Recieve a special benefits, if you enrol with friends or family

Tour our amazing 3,000 sq. ft. facilities, with the largest indoor play area of any preschool in Borivali (complete with dedicated spaces for drama, dance, music and art). Meet our outstanding teachers and let them guide you through our unique accelerated learning programs for whole child development, and talk to our global heads of curriculum, training and senior management who are specially coming from all parts of the world for the opening.

Bring the little ones along, and watch them play and have fun in the play area, art studio and our classrooms! Limited seats available as we follow International ratio of "child per classroom" strictly. If you are placed on a wait list, you will be notified by email closer to the date if a place becomes available.

Safari Kid Preschool reception area
Safari Kid Preschool reception area

Our Principles

Every child is unique and has a different learning curve. We customize our curriculum to fit their individual needs.

The first five years of a child’s life lay the foundation for the years ahead. The human brain is at its most malleable then, and skills learned and developed in these years enable further learning. At the same time, areas of the brain not stimulated in this period can lose the ability to make new connections. The principles on which our program is founded are:

  1. Customization Each child is unique, has their own needs, and develops at a different pace to others. An effective program must be customized to the development curve of each child
  2. Curriculum A strong foundation is the scaffolding for the future. The most effective early childhood education is a combination of play based, explorative learning and a structured, directed approach, in an environment that is fully supportive of the needs of the individual child
  3. Care Children have an immense capacity for learning, imagination, creativity and self-expression. With care and nourishment, in the right learning environment combined with the right teaching methods, core cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative abilities of children develop, accelerate and strengthen
  4. Communication Parents are partners with Safari Kid in the early childhood journey of their children. Effective and constant communication with parents is key to the overall development of the child.
Large Indoor Play Area of Safari Kid Preschool, with many soft playing equipments and students playing with them.
Large Indoor Play Area of Safari Kid Preschool, with many soft playing equipments and students playing with them.

Our Methods

Our unique curriculum has been developed and perfected in Silicon Valley over the past ten years

In order to achieve the developmental goals for each child we have devised a unique method that fuses the learning from several leading international methods of early childhood education with our own proprietary program.

  1. Our accelerated learning program, developed over ten years in Silicon Valley, focuses on the cognitive, language, and communication skill development of the child. The program incorporates math, science, language (reading and writing), public speaking and communication skills.
  2. Our emergent curriculum takes best practices from Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf (Steiner), and Montessori teaching methods to foster creativity and imagination, personal, emotional and social development, skills in the creative arts and gross and fine motor skills in each child. This ensures that children pursue their interests. They are guided by their teachers while at the same time developing their imagination through creative play, aided and unaided story time and a variety of other methods.
  3. Safari Kid customizes the program to the learning capacity of each child. Customization of learning is achieved not only through our high teacher to student ratio, but is embedded in the program through our unique curriculum and lessons. In essence, children learn in stages and advance only once they’ve mastered the previous stage, with each stage of learning serving as a base for the next.

The three pillars of our program ensure that we meet all of our developmental objectives in a fun, caring, nurturing environment, and at a pace that every child is individually comfortable with. Our experience has shown us that academically children attending Safari Kid tend to be at least one grade ahead of their peers in primary school. Our students stand out as natural leaders in a group and are able to communicate effectively with peers and elders. Safari Kids are more creative problem solvers who demonstrate more imagination and creativity than their peers.

A collage of Safari Kid students from different different locations, doing various activities.
A collage of Safari Kid students from different different locations, doing various activities.

Languages at Safari Kid

We offer intensive instruction in second and third languages, on par with our English program

At Safari Kid, we incorporate teaching in the local language of the region for all children at an early stage (Arabic in our Middle East centres, Bahasa in Malaysia, and Chinese in Hong Kong  and Hindi in India). All our centers in Middle East also offer intensive Mandarin and French in addition to Arabic and our centers in India offers intensive Spanish in addition to Hindi. We will be bringing further languages to our program in all locations, too. 

Our main, English program, speeds up reading, writing and communication skills in children from the beginning. By the age of three, most children at Safari Kid schools can read three letter wordsBy the age of five, it is not uncommon for Safari Kids to be writing one-page stories; and our curriculum at that level incorporates reading comprehension, too!

We follow the same principles as our main programs for other languages that are taught in our centres. During our Spanish Program at Safari Kid India’s Centres the children are exposed to a new language where they learn to speak and read along with which their listening skills, imaginative play, art and craft are developed. The teachers focus on building their vocabulary and language through fun activities, singing, dancing & collaborative play. This ensures that students attending Safari Kid anywhere are ready for both local and international school systems and excel in comparison to their peers.

Watch the video to see our Spanish program in action at Safari Kid Bengaluru!

The People

Our Team

Recruitment and Training

High quality early care and education supports children’s school readiness and continues to support their performance in school. Teacher professional preparation is a crucial component of high quality care. We recruit from a global pool of talented teachers with specialized training in early childhood education. Based on research linking teacher qualifications, program quality, and positive child outcomes, we at Safari Kid hire the best teachers in the industry, with an emphasis on phonics and pronunciation. Our second and third language teachers are usually native speakers.

All teachers undergo at least 120 hours of training before they teach a class, and training is ongoing throughout the year. At Safari Kid, we also help our teachers achieve further professional accreditation should they choose to, and place significant emphasis on our staff's professional development. This reflects back directly on the quality of the teaching and the passion and energy that our teachers bring to the schools.