Mrs. Sukanya Kumar

"No other school had such a wonderful assemblance of different things for the child to play with. All the toys are very safe the floor is wooden, non-skid. I have not seen any school spend so much money and the same with teacher student ratio was absolutely good. I have been to schools where these small kids were given one teacher twenty students, here the ratio is one is to seven ". Hear what Ms Sukanya Kumar has to say about Safari Kid

Dr Ravi Pratap

"Technically at six months a child needs a lot of care, which has to be done. Timely giving the feeds to the child. Timely taking care of the nappy and other hygienes. Timely giving the child time to sleep. And fortunately we got Safari Kid where the support staff has taken tremendous care of my child there has been no complaints whatsoever from our side. Even you know two hourly feed for my child that was taken care of very well with a proper log kept." Hear what Dr Ravi Pratap has to say about Safari Kid Pune (Kharadi)