A girl baby at Safari Kid Doodling with crayons with the help pf her mother in the Mother & toddler program

Early Explorers (Mother Toddlers)

6 months to 15 months

Our Early Explorers program, for children from 6 months to 15 months of age develops core cognitive, social and emotional and physical (fine and gross motor) skills. It's more than just day care - children go through a structured program of play and exploration, circle time and supervised creative play for an hour every day (two hours for the full day program), in addition to being attended full time by our highly qualified and trained teachers.

Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend the structured play time. One-on-one playtime is the most important way for parents and caregivers to bond with children. Good bonding experiences result in better social skills. Early Explorers classes are also a great way to introduce little ones to other children in a supervised setting. This form of interaction can encourage creativity, enhance cognitive and social growth and develop gross and fine motor skills.

Our Early Explorers classes are also a great way for parents and caregivers to pick up tools and techniques that they can take home and enable continued child development at home as well.

The resources for the Early Explorers room are carefully selected and thought out, to ensure that children develop critical skills and abilities across all our areas of development.

Watch the video below to hear our lead teacher in Hong Kong, Ms Malika, explain the program, and see some of our Hong Kong Early Explorers in action!

We have imported the award winning Dream Coracles specifically for this program, as an alternative to cots. Watch the video below to see how these sleeping pods can enhance the child's feeling of well being.