Ms Sayali Khairaz

"And at Safari kid, the management, the teachers, the support staff all understand that every child is unique. So they teach him or her in manner that the child would understand. For me the traditional method of teaching I would say it doesn’t really work. I call it the Safari Kid way now, I’d rather do it the way they do it." Hear what Ms Sayali Khairaj has to say about Safari Kid (Pune, Koregaon Park)

Ms Jasmin

"They are not encouraging them to memorize anything I think it's more learn by play... the curriculum is designed in a very age appropriate manner which I don't think a lot of people understand because we have this whole mind set over here where things need to be mugged up and memorized and I think we need to get out of that box." Hear what Ms Jasmin Kerawala has to say about Safari Kid, Bandra!