Interactive Nutrition Workshop

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Safari Kid was proud to work with Ms. Indra Balaratnam, who is a well-established consultant professional dietitian in the Klang Valley and plays the role of nutritional advisor to various companies. She has been an invited speaker at several professional seminars and health workshops organized by pharmaceutical and food corporations. Ms. Balaratnam is an expert nutrition speaker for healthy living workshops conducted by corporations. She has brought to the table a no-nonsense, creative approach to food, and had many a story to share.

“This is the first time I have worked with an international pre-school. I find it refreshing that a school is taking the time to look at child-rearing from all aspects,” she said. “Parents are the centre of influence for inculcating good eating habits. In my line of work, I really want to give parents practical help on how to take ownership of that role,” continued Ms Balaratnam, speaking at the exciting workshop for young parents hosted by newcomer international pre-school Safari Kid.

Being in the business of working with children and ensuring their well being, the pre-school wanted to generate awareness on healthy nutritional choices. Focusing on the idea that it is never too young to start, Safari Kid invited Ms. Indra Balaratnam to share practical and sensible tips for parents to engage their children in eating well.

“Parents have such different takes on feeding their children, and I found this to be true of Safari Kid as well. Jigna, the principal and I have had quite the conversation about the various scenarios we face with parents!” she continued, with a chuckle. The school decided to celebrate its presence in Malaysia with something slightly different.

“We maintain close relationships with our parents, and we keep close tabs on how the children are doing at home as well. It was important to us to have Indra here to talk to parents about nutrition, because really – it was obvious to us that parents are curious about this, and there were many unanswered questions. We want them to know that it’s not just about the few hours that their children spend with us. It goes far beyond that. My teachers and I feel strongly about this,” said Jigna Doshi, principal of Safari Kid’s Bangsar outlet at the morning session this September.

Thank you to all the parents who helped make the event such a success. To the parents that missed this one, we look forward to seeing you at our next event!