Jacqueline, Safari Kid Kuala Lumpur

We love safari kids because it's play based but yet Rafael has learned so much academically. Everyone that works there is just wonderful, accommodating and so welcoming. Teachers are very accessible. I am able to share my concerns without feeling like a nutcase :) Rafa gets to go out and play and this was a big thing for us as we want him to be out as much as possible. One of the biggest thing that we have noticed is his social behaviour outside of school. This was most apparent when we went to legoland in July this year. He was very polite, waited his turn, shared his toys. It was quite in contrast to majority of the kids there. And it hit me that I was so used to Safari Kid kids, like Rafa, that I was totally flabbergasted when I see other lesser-abled socially kids. It was a reality check moment :) not all kids are like Safari Kid kids. And that's when I said to my husband, "This is when you know you found a good school".

Phoebe Franklin, Safari Kid Kuala Lumpur

Flora has learned important social skills since coming to the school and it has been delightful seeing her develop her confidence. Thank you for taking care of her so well and giving her such a happy experience.

Lily Rafidi, Safari Kid Kuala Lumpur

Jigna Patel, Safari Kid Kuala Lumpur

Mr Mercia Baetoniu, Safari Kid Kuala Lumpur

Ms Shivani Kamalanathan, Safari Kid Kuala Lumpur

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